What To Expect At Peking Martinsburg WV

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Several elements have influenced the development of Chinese cuisine such as that found at the peking Martinsburg WV restaurant. Food is enjoyed at all social levels by the Chinese and it has been developed into a refined art form. There are several types of food that hail from the different regions, such as Guangdong dumplings, Sichuan soup, Shanghai noodles and Beijing duck.

The focus of most Chinese dishes is on more vegetables and less meat. This means that the food is lower in calories and lighter than Western food. The vegetables are cooked for a short time over high heat in a little bit of water, which means that they retain their color and they remain crispy. This also means that most of the nutrients are retained.

Food is served with rice or noodles. There are rice flour noodles, wheat noodles and egg noodles. Shanghai dishes are usually be served with wheat noodles. Round wheat noodles are cooked before it is stir-fried in a sweet and sour or savory sauce with shrimp, pork and chicken.

Shanghai noodle dishes use rice vermicilli noodles that are cooked in curry powder with ham, shrimp or barbecued pork. Singaporean meals utilize rice flour noodles. Cantonese restaurants use egg noodles as noodle soup such as won ton mian or in stir fried dishes.

Noodle dishes fall under two main categories, namely lo mian or chow mian. Lo mian is a plate of boiled noodles with barbecue duck or pork and vegetables on the side. It is accompanied by a bowl of broth. Chow mian is pan-fried noodles, mixed with stir fried seafood or meat and vegetables.

Soup is a Chinese staple with the popular hot and sour soups and sweet-corn soups that have become very popular with westerners. A hearty and nutritious is usually ended with a few tiny cups of Chinese tea. This makes for plenty choice and experience at a restaurant such as peking Martinsburg WV.


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What To Expect At Peking Martinsburg WV

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This article was published on 2010/11/20