How To Read Chinese Easily

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If you know Chinese, you can gain success in many aspects of study or career. However, Chinese is not easy to learn because the written Chinese is very different with any western languages. Learning Chinese means you will have to learn to read thousands of characters. Yet, don't think of it as a rocket language. Please read on this article to know how to learn it easily.


Learn the radicals. If you want to learn how to read Chinese, you start with learning the characters and to learn characters you should learn the radicals. Don't start to remember the characters straight away, you need to divide the characters into small parts to master. It's like setting up your goals, you have you general goal first then divide them into specific goals. All Chinese characters are formed with the radicals in some ways. Once you master the radicals you will find that memorizing Chinese characters are easy. You just need to remember which radicals used in the characters and how.


You also need to get a Chinese dictionary. The dictionary is always your partner, once you know all the radicals and Pinyin you can start to use Chinese dictionary. There are two ways to check a word in Chinese dictionary, you can check it according to the Pinyin and also if you don't know the pronunciation of the word you can check it by radical. So to know radical is very important before you start to use dictionary. The dictionary will give you the information about the meaning of the words and also the categories and connections with other words. With the dictionary you will also learn how the word is used with other words to pull out the meaning.


Last but not least, you should also learn some Chinese grammar. Don't be afraid of grammar, Chinese grammar is somehow easier than English grammar. For instance, there is not past form of verbs and most of nouns don't have singular and plural form.


And the best way to improve your reading skill is to read more. Keep reading Chinese will gradually build up your language sense, and the language sense is extremely important when you learn a new language. This is what I can tell you about. I hope you can find something you think is useful to learn to read Chinese.


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How To Read Chinese Easily

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This article was published on 2010/06/08