Chinese New Year - Enjoy Chinese New Year 2011 Carnivals and Chinese New Year's Eve

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Chinese New Year follows the track of Chinese calendar and the people of China give it a hearty welcome in the cheerful season of spring. And therefore, the entire month of February brings in exciting holiday time for all parts of East India. The entire fervor attached to the chinese new year 2011 that is about to begin with 3rd February, is bound to stretch to the next 15 days that comprise to form  the time when the New Year seeps in. And the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations touches its culminating mode with the bright celebrations of Lantern festival, which adds glitter to the overwhelming celebration mood with an array of bright and colorful lanterns.

Lighting numerous lanterns is similar to glorifying all the newfangled things coming our way with New Year.  Also, the days preceding the Lantern festival are filled with the illumination of candles of varied sizes. People consider it auspicious to refurbish their surroundings through and through so that their homes exude good vibes to influence their future days. Along with candles, all the bulbs and chandeliers at home are turned on to burnish every pocket of home. Thus, we can say that all the jolly fifteen days marked by New Year gaiety witness the sparkle of lights that New Year brings with it.

Apart from lights, a variety of flowers are drizzled over varied parts of our house and all of them together add the scent of New Year to everyone's life.  Beautiful flowers like Plum blossom, Sunflower, Narcissus and many others promise to bring in loads of good fortune. Their fragrant bunches spill over the display areas of almost all the markets. Other than flowers and lights, there are a host of multifarious objects that hold immense significance in all Chinese New Year celebrations. Embroidered decors surfacing various colorful fabrics are used to spruce up different walls of your home. They showcase wonderful Chinese calligraphy that is used to convey wishful New Year messages. Chinese people make it a point to shape up such pretty wall adornments and many traditional designs along with rich Chinese idioms find their space on the whatever material they use to make them.

Such compelling adornments with their indigenous Chinese element diffuse every aspect of our home with their compelling beauty and ensure to remain close to us throughout the year. Another thing that Chinese people consider extremely felicitous is Koi Fish. Even the artificial image of this fish stands for brighter fortune. Also, this fish has direct associations with the inflow of money. They appear to be extremely lively and their cheerful posture along with their slanting tail brings in bundles of money and good luck. Because of their high significance in the beliefs of the people of China, beautiful figures of these fishes can be easily spotted as the attractive toppings of several Chinese dishes. Moreover, chinese new years eve celebrations Cannot be imagined without being redolent with elegant Lion dances that team up with the rhythm of complementing musical drums. The entire dance is rejuvenating and symbolizes happiness to accompany us in the upcoming Chinese New Year 2011.

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Chinese New Year - Enjoy Chinese New Year 2011 Carnivals and Chinese New Year's Eve

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This article was published on 2010/09/14