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Crisis bottleneck

Experts believe that, constraints and impact of the rapid and healthy development of Chinese Herbal Pieces industry a key factor in mainly from the following aspects:

(1) Chinese Herbal Pieces disorderly competition in the market, producers, lack of confidence. Compared with Chinese medicine production, the current production of Chinese Herbal Pieces are still in a relatively primitive and non-standard status. As the barriers to entry are relatively low and the "front shop, factory," the traditional mode of operation, Chinese Herbal Pieces enterprises generally small in scale, production management and backward, Chinese herbal product acquisition still remains in the small-state, hospital pharmacy, medicine companies also frequented by non-standardized the market into the medicine, hand practiced on a cottage-style trade fairs and norms of GMP manufacturing enterprises play together, resulting in a lack of confidence regulate producers.

Chinese Herbal Pieces of the decline in overall consumer groups, on the one hand attributed to traditional Chinese medicine as a whole experienced a crisis; the other hand, worrying a direct impact on the quality Pieces consumer confidence. Quality problems in the following areas: Yijiachongzhen, shoddy, processing technology, but customs, class confusion, origin is unclear, the phenomenon of doping seriously, packaging and storage of non-compliance, planting the process of pesticides, heavy metals, etc. . Foreign drug testing agencies have been improving the corresponding technical barriers and technical targets. Although the total exports in recent years, Chinese medicine has been a 20% rate increase, but the individual company's business volume and profits are declining.

The lack of co-ordination of macro-control. Pieces of Chinese medicine to the most basic pricing, for example, before 2004, the government pricing, price ceiling proposed by the Government in 2005 until 2006 was adjusted to market pricing. And Pieces is a very strong seasonal characteristics of products, supply and demand and price adjustments in the price is not a rigid standard that can be controlled.

(2) The industry standard confusion, lack of brand-name products, industry is not the flagship business. The competitiveness of China's pharmaceutical enterprises, said Li Lei, director of Research Group on Chinese medicine concocted standards, the state has the country's "Pharmacopoeia" and "Chinese medicine concocted norm", the place has its own standards, and some product-country standards and local standards " fragmented. " And the existing norms of these Pieces cooked up most of the characters from the drugs, smell, shape, etc. to describe the real mechanism of action from the traditional Chinese medicine a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative measure of less than 2%, so the true sense of the Pieces cooked up technical standards and quality evaluation system is in serious deficiencies of the state, which also made it difficult to market supervision and Pieces. The standard non-uniform back to the domestic production and operation of enterprises Pieces has caused tremendous difficulties, and even some local manufacturers to prohibit the entry of other regions, largely limited Pieces Pieces normal flow and the healthy development of the industry. Enterprise arbitrarily without mutual relations; industry, the relative lack of the necessary harmonization and coordination, the real sense of the Chinese Herbal Pieces Famous, famous, famous enterprises have not formed, resulting in domestic and foreign firms is difficult to distinguish good and bad, serious impact on China in the international market, Chinese Herbal Pieces reputation and healthy development.

(3) The education system is seriously lagging behind Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine basic research Houjifaren Pieces. At present, China experts and Chinese medicine concocted a serious shortage of professional and technical personnel, for the most characteristic of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine processing, talent merchandise in the crisis has been highlighted. In China, Chinese medicine education system is not aware of this crisis. Taking a University of Chinese Medicine, for example, the last century, 70 years, traditional Chinese medicine department of course, concocted traditional Chinese medicine accounted for 70% of the class, in addition to clinical practice of the time; concocted traditional Chinese medicine courses now account for only less than 50% of the curriculum, also abolished the practice time. While the traditional advantage of Chinese Herbal Pieces in our country, but the science and technology team is weak, a serious brain drain and produce professional plummeted even in the face Houjifaren situation. New technologies, new methods such as biotechnology, information technology and other high-tech Pieces-scale production of traditional Chinese medicine have not yet been enough applications, the lack of talent so that the standard of basic research concocted a dead letter, but also enable enterprises to face the international market more and more products quality standards helpless. More distressing is that with the entry of foreign investment and trade protection, do not pay attention a gem of Chinese medicine - Pieces cooked up by a large number of leaks is not technology news. Talent, technology and standards to govern the whole of Chinese Herbal Pieces have become the bottleneck of development of the industry.
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Chinese Herbal Pieces

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This article was published on 2010/12/17