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As a lover and owner of chinese cresteds I love to be in touch with others who own and like these dogs too.  I could not find anywhere on the net where it was possible to get together with others who shared the same passion. So there was a need for a good FREE forum/magazine that we chinese crested owners and lovers could use together.

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I  have just set one  up.  It is a magazine with a lot of news and features,  for lovers of dogs, but my favourite is the chinese crested and I have four.  It will carry news, views, articles, and be a place to learn and teach others, swapping info and learning, as well as being able to give opinions and stay up to date.  It will also be possible to buy clothes for your doggies or for friends and loved ones who have doggies.  As I design my own dogs clothes for my own babies and enjoy  making them so much that I now make them to order for anyone who would want them and appreciate them, worldwide.  And because I  have only just set it up you can get a free dogs coats,sweater, t shirt or dress now, made by me personally to suit your tastes, choices of colours and styles.  Not mass produced in some factory in China or Taiwan.

The site is totally free, you will love it. It is a passion of mine to be with my little chinese cresteds, learn about them and make their clothes.  As you will know if you have a chinese crested  hairless they need to wear clothes during the winter,  otherwise they freeze.  It is also a good idea to make sure they wear clothes in the summer if it is very sunny and hot,  otherwise they may get sunburn.


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chinese crested forum

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This article was published on 2010/11/20